Redevelopment Projects

  1. City Cafe

    City Cafe, in hopes of refurbishing the historic City Drug sign, submitted an application and was awarded a 2010 Building Improvement Grant.

  2. NEA-Palatka Aquifer Project

    The “Aquifer” concept serves as a metaphor for city planning that nourishes and sustains the vitality of this river town.

  3. 216 St. Johns Avenue

    In 2010 CRG Architects was awarded a Building Improvement Grant to renovate the existing bathroom in 216 St. Johns Avenue.

  4. 216A St. Johns Avenue

    This building, formerly known as the Rainbow Cafe, had been neglected for over 10 years with almost no maintenance or repairs.

  5. St. Johns River Center

    The St. Johns River Wetlands Center is a joint effort between the City of Palatka, Fla., and Georgia-Pacific’s Palatka Pulp and Paper Operations. The center will focus on the wetlands areas associated with the St. Johns River system.