Utilities Administration

  1. Consumer Confidence Report 2017

    The City of Palatka is pleased to present to you the consumer confidence report for the year 2017. This report addresses the quality of your drinking water. Read on for full report

    The Palatka City Commission has approved an Alternative Water Treatment Pilot Study using Hydrogen Peroxide as a strategy to reduce levels of Trihalomethane (THM) levels in the water, working in conjunction with FDEP and Florida Rural Water Association. Read on...
  3. PUBLIC NOTICE -- Important Information about your Drinking Water

    The water system serving the R.C. Willis Water Treatment Plant is in violation of public drinking water standards because system samples exceeded the Maximum Contaminant Level for TTHMs and Haloacetic Acids for the compliance period of Oct & Dec, 2017. Read On for Important Information!
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Effective May 01, 2017: To simplify service to our customers, Palatka Gas Authority and the City of Palatka has combined Utility Billing and Payment Locations.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Automatic Payments

To set up automatic bill-pay, please download the Automatic Deduction Form (PDF). Complete the form, then return the form to the:
Palatka Gas Authority
518 Main Street
Palatka, FL 32177

Deposit Fees

Listing of fees for utility account deposits:
  • Residents inside the city limits - $190 deposit
  • Residents outside the city limits - $215 deposit
  • Restaurants - amount varies, please call 386-328-1591