The Palatka Police Department Administration coordinates and oversees all divisions within the department.

Jason L. Shaw, Sr. is the Chief of Police. He is assisted by Captains Matt Newcomb, Tobby Williams and Brad Forsythe. They provide supervision and direction for the department on an overall scale.

Administration consists of numerous functions:

  • Personnel – Recruiting, screening, background investigations and selection of new employees. Information concerning benefits and compensation or other personnel issues are available from the Administration.
  • Records - compiling, maintaining and disseminating information from Department records concerning criminal and traffic reports.
  • Professional Standards – Accreditation and Training.
  • Fiscal – Budget preparation and purchasing.
  • Internal Affairs – Intake, assignment and investigations concerning complaints on employees, internally and externally generated.
  1. Chief of Police

    Jason L. Shaw, Sr.

    Chief of Police

  2. Meghan Warman

    Administrative Assistant to Chief of Police

  3. Matt Newcomb

    Phone: 386-329-0115 ext. 502

  4. Tobby Williams

    Phone: 386-329-0115 ext. 516

  5. Brad Forsythe

    Phone: 386-329-0115 ext. 504