St. Johns River Center

St. Johns River Center Renderings.jpg

Project Description

The St. Johns River Wetlands Center is a joint effort between the City of Palatka, Fla., and Georgia-Pacific's Palatka Pulp and Paper Operations. The center will focus on the wetlands areas associated with the St. Johns River system.

The center will serve as an educational resource regarding the ecological significance of wetlands, the conservation and sustainability of these areas and the need for a balanced approach to usage among all communities.

The purpose of the center is to:

  • celebrate the unique and varied ecosystems of the St. Johns River and its related wetlands areas;
  • educate the general public, especially students, about the physical characteristics and ecology of the St. Johns River wetlands areas;
  • interpret the natural contribution of these wetlands areas to ecological diversity in terms of the St. Johns River system's flora, fauna, lakes, rivers and streams;
  • relate the connection between the river system and its wetlands to the development of the unique history, culture, recreation, commerce and industry of our people.
  • curricula for the center, to be contracted by Georgia-Pacific, will be based on current, peer reviewed science, presented from a point of view which balances environmental protection with private property rights and the needs for commercial, industrial and other economic development.

Located on the corner of Memorial Drive and St. Johns Avenue in Palatka, the center will serve as a prominent location for promoting study of area wetlands by visitors, tourists, academics and others interested in our natural environment.