Post War Era 1945 - 1977

After World War II, Sunny Point changed hands many times - often being owned for no more than a few years at a time before it was sold again. In the 50s, the house was converted into around nine apartments, with the porch being walled in to make two to three additional rooms. At the time the building was known as Mulholland Apartments.

In 1965, the house was sold to the City of Palatka by its final owner. By that time, the house was in severe disrepair and had suffered from years of hard use. Accounts of locals at the time mention holes in the roof, overgrown weeds, and broken windows. Whatever the case, thanks to the efforts of the Putnam Country Historical society, the house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Intensive restoration of the house took place, and in 1977 it was opened to the public for tours.