Restoration Era 1977 - Present

Today, the house remains a charming and stunningly furnished piece of Florida history. There are very few houses of its kind, where both visitation and event rental alike are available and encouraged. It is here to educate, fascinate, inspire, and entertain any visitor who steps foot on the grounds.

Once, it was known as a major wedding and reception venue, and the city is hoping to encourage a renaissance of that image for the house. Who would not want to speak their vows under the moss-laden trees, or set up a beautiful outdoor garden party on the green with the house as a grand backdrop? Or, how about a tour through the museum and a picnic on the green? The Bronson-Mulholland house is a welcoming and stately location for any event, or simply a day trip to the charming town of Palatka. Discover what it has to offer.