Sanitation-Garbage Collection

The City of Palatka offers Residential and Commercial garbage collection within the City Limits. To determine your collection day please call (386) 329 0107. Residential horticultural waste collection occurs on the same day as normal collection and on Wednesday as needed. Commercial garbage collection is offered on a 5-day (Monday- Friday) or 6-day (Monday-Saturday).During holiday weeks collection may be delayed or suspended. Please check below for the annual holiday collection schedule. If further assistance is needed to determine your collection days please contact Public Works at (386) 329 0107.

Horticultural Waste / Yard Debris

Horticultural waste includes grass clippings, small tree limbs and leaves. Limbs can be no greater than 4’ in length and 4” in diameter. All limbs should be placed in small piles away from obstructions (i.e. signs, mailboxes, low overhead lines and limbs). Any bagged leaves or clippings must be in paper bags not plastic bags. Piles in excess of 1 cubic yard (3’x3’x3’) must be scheduled for pickup. Residents can contact public works to schedule collection of large yard debris piles.

All clippings, limbs and/or tree debris generated from contracted work must be hauled off by the contractor.

Bulk Waste Collection

The City of Palatka provides scheduled bulk waste collection. Bulk waste is for items not covered under normal pick-up (i.e. white goods, large limbs, construction/renovation debris, tires, furniture, tenant move-out piles). Tires and white goods must be separate from other items. Customers must contact Public Works to schedule pick-up. Once a work order has been issued items may be placed curbside. A work order is issued and the items are picked up on a first-come first-serve basis. Debris must be placed away from obstructions (i.e. signs, mailboxes, low overhead lines and limbs). A bulk waste collection fee per yard per pickup will be assessed on the next utility bill.

Assisted or Backdoor Collection

The City provides assisted collection for elderly, disabled or individuals with special circumstances who are unable to get their container to the curb. Please contact Public Works at 386 329 0107 to request this service.

What to Throw Away?

Residential containers are for disposing of regular household garbage. Containers are not for dead animals, yard trash, recycling, hazardous waste, hot ashes or flammable liquids.  Never overload your garbage container.

Do I take my container when I move?

No, residential containers are provided and stay with the address.

How do I get my cart repaired or replaced?

Contact Public Works at (386) 329 0107 to have a can replaced or repaired.

Where and when do I put my container out?

Containers and yard debris are to be placed curbside prior to 5 am on your scheduled day of collection. Follow the directions on the container lid regarding orientation to the curb. Containers must be removed from the curb by 9 pm on the day of collection. Do not place cans or debris in driveways, in the street or in the way of the mail carrier.

Holiday Schedule

City of Palatka Sanitation Department works all Holidays EXCEPT New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day & Day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. If a Holiday occurs on normal collection days, collection will be delayed to the next normal working day. For example, if a holiday occurs on a Monday, household collection for Monday and Tuesday will be delayed one day to Tuesday and Wednesday.

The holidays will affect ALL residential trash pick-ups and ALL commercial pick-up EXCEPT essential health-care facilities.

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