100 Hometowns Grant

July 21, 2021 - The City of Palatka is thrilled to be one of the 100 impact projects that are the cornerstone of 100 Hometowns, an initiative to celebrate Lowe’s centennial. Lowe’s received more than 2,200 submissions to the 100 Hometowns program, which invited people across the country to nominate their hometown projects in need. The 100 Hometowns program will complete 100 projects across 37 states that rebuild areas reeling from natural disasters, repair critical housing, restore beloved community centers, and revive green spaces. The 100 Hometowns projects span urban, rural and suburban communities and will benefit an array of community members, from toddlers, teens and seniors to veterans, small business owners, students, and more. Details of every 100 Hometowns project and their progress can be found at the 100 Hometowns landing page and at #100Hometowns on social media.

The City of Palatka’s application was for the construction of the new Riverfront Park Amphitheater. The project is aimed at creating a space to support large community gatherings and events. The City's 8+ acre community park is centrally located to all of Putnam County and routinely hosts events ranging in attendance to 100 to 10,000 people per day. This facility is the only of its kind in our County and is used by a diverse group of organizations year-round. 

This project will be a culmination of improvements already realized at the Riverfront Park and provide the necessary space for our community to come together. The park is located within the central historic core of the City which is seeing recent revitalization traction. Long-vacant commercial and blighted residential structures are being improved.  

100 Hometowns Nomination

Project Name: 

Renovation of Palatka's Riverfront Amphitheater

Type of Project: 

Community Resource/Space

How are you involved with the project you are nominating? 

Community Member

City, State

Palatka, FL 32177

Why is this Project you're nominating important to you? 

The Palatka Riverfront Amphitheater has been the focal point and meeting place for gatherings, events, and festivals for years for Putnam County residents. The Riverfront Amphitheater along with the Riverfront Park has been a source of pride for our rural close-knit community.

The Amphitheater needs to be renovated and upgraded to meet the needs of our growing Community. Weather and time have taken a toll on this important part of Palatka and Putnam County. The revamping of the seating area, the addition of a canopy over the stage area along with lighting and a sound system would benefit all aspects of our community.

Even during the Pandemic, the Amphitheater has been used with social distancing in mind. A renovated amphitheater would be a tremendous resource for our community. If awarded this grant from Lowes, it will serve as a catalyst for additional funding to make the renovations of the Amphitheater a reality. 

Below are links to letters of support for this grant consideration as well as a short video. 

Letter of Support from Mayor Terrill L. Hill in support of the 100 Hometowns Project nomination

Letter of Support from Dana Jones President of the Chamber of Commerce in support of the 100 Hometowns Project nomination

Footage of the riverfront park The City of Palatka does not own or claim to own any of the music or rights to the music used in this video. All rights belong to the owner.  Please note no copyright infringement is intended. This video was submitted with a City grant application.  

For reference below are several photos. A photo of the Riverfront of Palatka with a "star" indicating the location of the Amphitheater; one indicating the current condition of the Amphitheater, as well as several photos of events that have been held at the Amphitheater. Also, there is an image of a conceptual idea of what a renovated Rivertont Ampitheater might look like upon completion. 

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