CRA Business Wayfinding Program

Program Description: 

The City of Palatka Wayfinding Sign Program was created to make it easier for visitors to find downtown businesses and points of interest. This program is designed only for businesses located within the CRA districts. 

Eligibility and Process: 

Businesses are required to complete a Wayfinding Sign Application and pay a one-time application fee of $75.00 per sign. There is a limit of one (1) sign per pole and two (2) per business. A maximum of two locations can be submitted per application A copy of a current business tax receipt is required. The location will not be reserved until the application is reviewed and approved by staff. Once the application process is complete, the City will provide a blank aluminum sign and the business will be financially responsible for the design aspect of the sign. After the business has completed the design, the sign is to be returned to the City for acceptance and installation. Participation is based on a first-come, first-served basis. A limited number of spaces are available at each location. The City will not maintain a waiting list and applications submitted for locations with no remaining spaces will be returned to the applicant. See attached map for pole locations. Other locations can be requested, but a minimum of four (4) sign applications must be received for a new location to be considered. The City will not install multiple poles at one location. 

Installation and Maintenance: 

The City is the only entity permitted to install or remove the signs. Any sign installed without written permission from the City will be removed and become property of the City. The City will be responsible to maintain the poles. The City will notify the business in writing if their business sign needs maintenance such as cleaning or design repairs. The business will have 30 days to correct these issues. 

Termination/Withdrawal/Business Closure:  

The business will be notified in writing if they are in violations of the program guidelines and will have 30 days to rectify any issue. If the issue has not been resolved after 30 days, the City will remove the sign and make the space available for another business. 


A business that wishes to stop participating in the program must notify the City in writing. Once notified, the City will remove the sign, making the space available for another business. 

Moving/Business Closure: 

A business that moves outside the area or ceases to operate will have their sign removed. If a business moves within the area and space is available for the sign at a new pole location, the City will relocate the sign upon written request, with the map detailing the new requested location, if space is available. There is a $25 fee for each time the sign is relocated to a new location. 

CRA District Wayfinding Sign Program Guidelines: 

Design Standards: The City will provide one (1) blank aluminum sign. The business is responsible for all costs associated with the design aspect of the sign. Any material may be used to decorate the sign, including paint or vinyl. There are no color and design restrictions, however; the business name is encouraged to be the only wording on the sign. No wording or business logo should be placed within 1 inch of the flat edge of the sign. This area will be covered by the mounting brackets. Both sides of the sign may be utilized. Directional arrow is optional. The business may use any sign or design company. The sign is the property of the City and remains such during the design process, while located on the poles and after termination or withdrawal from the program. 

Changes to Program Guidelines: 

Program guidelines are subject to change without notice.


CRA Business Wayfinding Application