Six new hangars at municipal airport

Cost: $1,315,051.78 million 

Funding: Florida Department of Transportation

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The construction of six new aircraft storage hangars is near completion at Lt. Jasper Kennedy “Kay” Larkin Field, Palatka’s Municipal Airport. The $1,315,051.78 million project, which was funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation, will increase the airport’s aircraft storage facilities to 71.

The hangars were built because of the high demand at the airport, with more than 90 pilots on a waiting list to rent storage space for their aircraft.

The Airport was founded in 1938 on 214 acres. On June 1, 1942, the U.S. Navy, under a government lease, acquired the airport from the City and subsequently, in 1943, acquired additional land. On August 21, 1942, the airport was officially named “Kay Larkin Field”, for a local U.S. Army Air Corp pilot instructor and Palatka native killed during the Second World War. In 1946, the War Assets Administration returned the airport property to the City.

Today the airport has grown to more than 730 acres and features two active runways that handle more than 16,000 takeoffs and 15,000 landings a year.

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