Small Purchases- Up to $25,000.00


A small purchase is any purchase authorized to be made outside the formal competitive procurement process. All purchases of supplies and contractual services whose estimated value is $25,000.00 or less may be made by open market without newspaper advertisement and without observing formal solicitation procedures. All open market purchases shall only be made by a purchase order. Open market purchases shall be made as follows:

• $5,000.00 or less- one documented verbal quote or written quote

• More than $5,000.01 up to $15,000 -Two written quotes or continuing services contract required

• More than $15,000.01 up to $25,000.00 - Three written quotes or continuing services contract required.

Exempt items listed below do not require quotes/ formal solicitation.

1. Advertisements and Public Notices

2. Legal services, including attorneys, paralegals, expert witnesses, interpreters, translation services, mediators, and court reporters

3. Medical or health services, including but not limited to Veterinarians services, Indigent medical care and burial as required by State Statute, Inmate medical care, services mandated through the court system involving examinations, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical consultation, counseling, and outside providers administering the program, including but not limited to substance abuse and mental health services.

4. Bond-related expenses

5. Charitable contributions

6. Court-ordered payments

7. Debt service payments

8. Dues, memberships, certifications, subscriptions, workshops, conferences, classes and seminar registration fees and accommodations, training, and costs of  job-related travel

9. Employee reimbursements

10. Employment Services, including pre-approved interview and or moving expenses {personnel only)

11. Expenses related to tourism promotion services and/or activities

12. Grant Services - Grant opportunity, research, and application development.

13. Instructor fees

14. Insurance-related costs, fees, etc.

15. Owner Direct Purchases

16. Payments to other government agencies

17. Postage {U.S. Post Office only, no invoice required)

18. Risk Management claims settlements

19. Statutory Required payments

20. Utilities and telecommunications, such as natural gas, electricity, water, garbage, phone, and internet.

21. Purchases of materials, equipment or services used for the operation and maintenance of utility plants, distribution and collection facilities, substations, lift stations, gate stations, and purchase of standard materials.

22. Purchases for the repair and maintenance of system-wide computer software and hardware.

23. Single/Sole Source Goods or Services

24. Railroad signal and crossing maintenance

25. Maintenance of Information Technology equipment/systems, including replacement/expansion parts that maintain system compatibility and integrity

26. Insurance renewals (as allowed by law)

27. Heavy equipment diagnostic and repair. Heavy equipment shall be defined as follows: (1), Public Safety, Construction and Material Handling Equipment with a rating of more than 85 horsepower (2) Transportation Equipment with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of more than 10,000 pounds (3) Fire and Rescue Vehicles with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of more than 10,000 pounds

28. General Services Administration (GSA) and State Contracted vendors - purchases made directly from vendors awarded a GSA Schedule Contract at prices equal to the vendor's current GSA or State price

29. Emergency Purchases - (retroactive approval)

30. Contracted Commodities or Services awarded through a competitive solicitation process by other governmental agencies including, but not limited to: federal, state, counties, cities, school boards, community colleges, and state university systems (piggyback)