Citizen honored for bravery


Rollie Paul was honored at the last Palatka City Commission meeting with the City’s Life-Saving Actions by a Citizen Award.  On the morning of September 9th, Paul was helping a motorist change a tire near the foot of the Memorial Bridge when a car hit a cement power pole and caught on fire near him. According to Palatka Fire Chief Chris Taylor, who presented the award to Paul, he pulled a child from the car and used fire extinguishers to prevent the fire from reaching the trapped driver until emergency services arrived. 

“Rallie’s quick, decisive action may have saved a life that day,” said Chief Taylor, “If no regard for his own safety, Mr. Paul protected the life of unknown citizens until more resources arrived. The fire department, police department, and EMS did a great job removing and transporting the patients, but without the actions of Mr. Paul, the outcome may have been very different. I would like to thank Mr. Paul for taking lifesaving action to protect two people he did not know. Whether knowingly or not, he made a substantial contribution to our community and the safety of a small family,” said Chief Taylor.

“We encourage all citizens to get fire extinguishers  in their vehicle for such situations.” Chief Taylor continued.