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Enforcement of City Code on vacant or foreclosed, blighted, unsecured or abandoned structures


Noncompliance with City Ordinances regarding vacant registration or Vacant, Foreclosed, Blighted, Unsecured or Abandoned structures shall render the owner liable to code enforcement action, in accordance with F.S. ch. 162 and Chapter 2, Article V of City Code, especially Section 2-314.

In the event that the mortgagee or owner fails to adhere to the requirements of this article, the city, as per F.S. ch. 170, may take measures to secure or arrange for the securing of blighted, unsecured, or abandoned structures, undertaking all necessary repairs to bring the property into compliance. The violator shall be held responsible for the reasonable repair expenses, in addition to any fines imposed under this article. The performance of such repairs does not create an ongoing obligation on the part of the local governing body to conduct further repairs or maintain the property. Furthermore, it does not establish any liability against the local governing body for damages to the property, provided the repairs were carried out in good faith.

In the event that the city undertakes or initiates work, the enforcement officer shall maintain a detailed record of the incurred expenses and their associated costs, notifying the property owner accordingly. If the owner fails to settle the statement within ten days of receiving the notice, interest shall commence accruing annually at the statutory rate until the outstanding amount is paid in full.

Costs resulting from any work conducted by the city pursuant to this section, as well as any service charges, interest, and legally imposed penalties, shall constitute a lien against the real property in which the violation has occurred. This lien shall take effect upon the notice of recordation in the official county records, as authorized by F.S. ch. 162. These liens can be enforced using any legally permissible method, including foreclosure. In any action taken to enforce such a lien, the city shall be entitled to recover all reasonable collection costs, including reasonable attorney's fees.

The City of Palatka Municipal Code can be found here

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    Public Records Custodian Information per Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the office of the City Clerk serves as the custodian of public records for the City of Palatka, where official records are routinely generated, transmitted, received, and maintained. The following information provides details about the location and contact information for record requests:  Address: 201 N. 2nd Street, Palatka, FL 32177 Phone: (386)329-0100 Email the City Attorney at . For inquiries related to Police Department Records, please contact: Palatka Police Department, 110 N. 11th Street, Palatka, FL 32177 (386)  329-0115  or

    Florida Public Records - Email Address Disclosure. Please be aware that, Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records.  If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity.  Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

    City of Palatka Fair Housing Advocate. The City of Palatka is committed to fair housing practices. If you believe you have experienced discrimination, you have the option to file a housing discrimination complaint using the following contact information: Toll-Free: (800) 669-9777 TTY: (800) 927-9275 Local Contact: City Manager - (386) 329-0100

    City of Palatka Equal Employment Opportunity Advocate. The City of Palatka promotes equal employment opportunities and discourages discrimination. If you have questions or concerns about equal employment opportunities or suspect discrimination, please reach out to the City's Human Resource Department at Phone:(386) 329-0100

    City of Palatka Section 504/ADA Compliance Advocate

    The City of Palatka is committed to compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you believe you have encountered discrimination in this regard, please contact the City's Human Resource Department by email Phone: (386) 329-0100

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