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  1. Opening New Coffee House and Music cafe

    Hi Palatka ! Our idea: is to open a coffee house / music cafe in your historical downtown area, a nice homey place, that serves a great variety of European coffees, expressos, Latte-Macchiaco, fine...

    Aug 23, 2016 by Froghop (7 points)

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  2. PAUSE 4 Teens Advocacy Network

    Teen are being trained as advocates to help link their fellow friends to valuable resources in the community to help reduce, abuse, STD, HIV, DATING VIOLENCE, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse,...

    Mar 20, 2015 by Tee Mercado White (5 points)

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  3. Save the pit bulls that are in a wooden box!!!!! You have done nothing!!!!!

    Get the Police back over there and rescue them. Do your job!!!

    Jul 12, 2015 by Cheryl Buckwheat (5 points)

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  4. Oak Hill East Cemetery Clean Up ( Volunteer )

    I Was Wondering If Anyone Would Be Interested In Getting Together, To Clean Up Oak Hill East Cemetery? No Machinery Is To Be Used, Only Trash And Leaf Pick Up. This Is Something Important To Me. I...

    Apr 5, 2018 by Heather Haines (7 points)

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