• Former President Bill Clinton exits the campaign bus in Palatka.
  • Mayor Terrell Hill presents the Key to the City of Palatka to President Bill Clinton.
  • Former President Bill Clinton and Mayor Terrell Hill talk Palatka issues during the visit.
  • Palatka's Chief of Police Jason Shaw Sr. at the President Bill Clinton Visit.
  • Former President Bill Clinton and Palatka Commissioner Justin Campbell meet and speak about Palatka issues.
  • City Commissioner Mary Lawson-Brown and former President Bill Clinton discuss Palatka.
  • Police Chief Jason Shaw Sr. Providing Safety and Security during Bill Clinton's Visit.
  • The Palatka Police Department assisted Secret Service with Bill Clinton Security.
  • President Bill Clinton meets with members of the Boys to Men Mentoring Group.
  • The community turned out to meet former President Bill Clinton
  • The crowd grew and grew leading up to former President Bill Clinton's visit.
  • Many supporters of Bill and Hillary Clinton showed up to meet former President Bill Clinton.
  • With little notice word got out and people showed up for the event.
  • Anticipation turned into excitement when former President Bill Clinton arrived.
  • Signs, chants and more in support of Hillary in Palatka on Saturday.
  • Officer Reeves providing support for former President Bill Clinton's arrival.
  • Everything went smooth during former President Bill Clinton's visits
  • Former President Bill Clinton, Palatka Mayor Terrell Hill and Florida Gator and NFL Great John L. Williams
  • Karl Falgg, Putnam County Commissioner and former City of Palatka Mayor, meets with President Bill Clinton!
  • President Bill Clinton celebrates after receiving the Key to Palatka from Mayor Terrell Hill!
  • Former President Bill Clinton and Palatka Major Terrell Hill talking about Palatka.
  • Mayor Hill works out details with Bill Clinton's advance team.
  • The Palatka Police Department and United States Secret Service work together providing security.
  • Former President Bill Clinton arrives in a Hillary Clinton tour bus!

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